Video Interoperability

Technology that enables video conferencing across different platforms like Cisco, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts Meet and other platforms.

Enabling video meeting solutions to work seamlessly with each other is fundamental to hosting productive virtual meetings. Bridging technologies and platform are a key business area for Kinly, because making technology work for people regardless what application, system, or tools they have available is basically what our company is all about.

Cloud Video Interoperability

Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) has recently become a more commonly used term in the world of video conferencing. In short, Cloud Video Interoperability is a technology that is enabling professional video endpoints to participate in meetings with other platforms like Microsoft Teams. Different systems and technology platforms use different protocols and as a result they cannot talk directly together. This is when CVI comes in - bridging the gap – and enabling a better meeting experience.

How to get CVI

How to get CVI

There are currently four vendors that can offer CVI: Cisco, Pexip, Poly and BlueJeans. Since it is not possible to buy the solution directly from Microsoft, this must go through a system integrator, such as Kinly. Once the purchase has been done, Kinly will help you configure the service in you Teams infrastructure and with a few simple steps make sure to enable the integration.

Google Meet Interop

Google Meet Interop

For companies using G-suite and Google Meet as their collaboration platform with a mixed environment or standard-based video solutions, a Google Meet Interop License will secure enable connectivity and interoperability between the platforms. It works for all SIP /H.323 video conferencing system as well as Google Calendar and Skype for Business.

Cloud Video Interoperability options

At Kinly, we lead with two market leading Cloud Video Interoperability solutions.

Instant Meeting Access

Companies that want to use cloud video interoperability should also consider a technology that allows for easier Meeting access, which in essence it is all about that green "join" button on the video endpoint. Get Instant Meeting Access by a single touch on the control panel of the video system.

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