Instant Meeting Access

Companies that want to use Cloud Video Interoperability should also consider a technology that allows for easier meeting access. These solutions have different names depending on which manufacturer delivers the technology, but in essence it is all about that green "join" button on the video endpoint that allows you to connect to the meeting by a single touch on the control panel of the video system.

One Touch Join - how does it work?

One-touch Join provides a calendar integration on your room video systems. Your planned video conference meetings would be recognized through the One-touch Join service and the needed dial instruction would be transformed to a Green Join-button to push on the touch panel in the room.

The service recognizes different vendors that are in the market and as long your room video system has the capabilities to interact with that service, the system would be able to connect with just one button to push.

Kinly Insight

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of Fortune 100 companies use Teams

Instant Meeting Access Services

At Kinly, we lead with Three market leading services to provide Instant Meeting Access.

Pexip One-Touch Join

Pexip integrates your Companies calendar environment to make joining any scheduled video Meeting easier. Participants can then simply walk into the room and select the button, and the endpoint will automatically dial in to the Meeting.

Cisco One Button to push

The optimal user experience is provided with OBTP provided by Cisco Webex Hybrid Services. Easily and quickly join meetings by pressing a join button when it’s time to attend the meeting.

Synergy Sky JOIN

Synergy JOIN enables users to book their video meetings natively in Outlook between S4B, all SIP / H.323 video conferencing endpoints and webRTC clients – and all users will enjoy One-Click to Join.

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