Customer Success

In the modern workplace, we need to share, discuss, and more than ever, truly work together. Technology offers endless possibilities to help with that. But technology can be confusing for a lot of people.

Our goal is to enable our clients in working together, everywhere. For this to happen, users must be able to utilize their tools to a level where they can focus on work, not the technology. This is why we have built a tiered, modular and global customer success program to assist our clients in getting the most from their investments.

Customer Success Services

Kinly offers a comprehensive range of Customer Success Services to help you get the most from your investmenst. We help you monitor both training and actual use to optimize your initiatives. Whether you need a customised group course for your entire team or an in-depth instructor-led classroom experience for individuals or small groups, Kinly can help you take visual collaboration to the next level.

Function based training

Covering benefits of the change and focus on getting the users familiar with the most common functions in a solution. After the training the users will get access to course material and best practice guides.

Workflow based training

Training focusing on relevant vertical examples on how to use the solution to become more efficient in the user’s line of work. The session includes live demos and interactive Quiz.

Scenario based training

On-site tailored training for specific lines of businesses. This is a next level training where the main focus is efficiency gains and examples of smarter ways of working utilizing video.

Exec. Management training

The key element for senior management is to strip the enablement down to the bare minimum for them to effectively use the solution. We teach them how to achieve the desired outcomes and how the best use of the solution will drive a great value for the organization.

E-learning (LMS)

A supplement to our standard classroom and video training sessions. Kinly can supply you with short and to the point instruction videos will provide a flexible and fun way to improve collaboration skills.

Awareness package

Internal communications packages and top management buy-in are key to a successful rollout. All with the purpose of encourage employees to sign up for more information and training. We work with Marketing, HR or Communication department to prepare and commit the organization to planned training investments.

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