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Digital signage has become a big part of the cityscape and our everyday lives. Screens provide us with timetables at the bus stop, advertisement and services at the airport, and display-menus or information in restaurants, hotels, sports venues and more.

Digital signage has also gained a central place in many organizations as an information channel for employees, and the number of companies using it for internal communication is rising. An international survey shows that 46% of employees in HR and internal communication wish to increase the use of digital displays internally during 2019.

Digital signage provides strong internal communication

Digital signage provides strong internal communication

The use of internal screens to provide important information to employees is on the rise. Mail, meetings and intranets are still important channels, but strategic use of displays in the office environment help ensure that all employees receive the same information.

65% of employees working with internal communication believe digital signage to be a very effective channel for reaching employees with information, according to an international survey from 2018. Depending on your needs, the displays can provide brief information on internal events or deliveries. They can promote talented employees and help create a culture of pride and ownership in the workplace. Digital signage can also support traditional channels like email and web by notifying employees when new information is released.

Be creative with digital signage

Be creative with digital signage

With digital signage, every visual surface can potentially be a source of information - from traditional screens and video walls, to tailor built, artistic LED configurations and even projection on glass walls. Think about the spaces you have available today, and how they could convey the right information to employees, customers and suppliers.

Modern digital signage software solutions can easily be adopted to communicate internally, with customers, suppliers, build your brand, and support important content such as launches, news, videos and the like. Often, it is only a bit of creativity and software between you and success with digital signage. Contact Kinly for advice and solutions tailored to your needs!

Video rooms are not just for meetings

Video rooms are not just for meetings

HR, Marketing and IT are often first to ask for display solutions that can be used continuously as long as someone is in the office.

Video room displays today often have an integrated player that allows the screens to show internal content before and after a meeting is held. This does not only contribute to better informed employees, but also lowers equipment costs. At the same time, the number of devices requiring maintenance is reduced.

Consider your meeting room screens an asset you can utilize to get maximum value out of your investment.

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