Audio Visual Integration

Equip your office space with user friendly, secure, and reliable audio-visual solutions.

Building and integrating collaboration technology requires knowledge, experience, and vision. Which is exactly why we can help you create intelligent, dynamic, and smart visual collaboration environments - integrated to automate and control audio, visual, and environmental settings.

Collaboration solutions for modern workspaces

Collaboration solutions for modern workspaces

Integrating and controlling every aspect of your audio-visual environment can be complex. With audiovisual installations, we can help you automate your surroundings - from blinds, lighting, acoustics, and room temperature to projection display, video conferencing, and TV distribution. Whichever room you need, Kinly has the expertise to design a solution that will support your workstyle.

Communication Solutions for modern Buildings

Communication Solutions for modern Buildings

Engage your customers and employees by deploying digital media solutions suited to the specific requirements of your local environments. We help you communicate with impact - by enhancing environments like receptions, atriums, auditoriums, and other communal areas - and communicating key messages to employees and visitors. Whether you require a video solution for CEO’s and senior executives to share information more effectively or you want to improve engagement, we have the solution for you.

Solution Configurator

Solution Configurator

An intuitive online solution configurator, perfect for distributed organizations looking to standardize room solutions and secure solution quality and consistency in every workspace.

Build quotes for standardized rooms in a few clicks, from a personal system to a large-scale multi-room project. Built-in tools allow you to set a budget and you can always see how that budget is being used and modify rooms to fit it where needed.

Audio Visual Solutions

Meeting Environment

From room scheduling to way-finding, lightning, furniture and acoustics or automating room features - we can help you with your Collaboration environment.


Kinly has expertise in IP-based infrastructure that meets most needs in the market and can help you future proof you AV-Infrastructure.

Visualization & Simulation

Kinly can help you build advanced visualization and simulation technology for immersive 2D and 3D audio visual presentations.


Kinly specialize in high-performance audio for nearly any type of room and environment, from PA systems to distributed audio implementations.

Lifecycle Services

We help you to better support, manage & optimize your collaboration estate.

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