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The art of meeting has changed and so too has the preferred working environment. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on us all.

We are all adapting to a ‘new normal’ post COVID world, where organisations of all sizes must consider appropriate and measured paths they can take towards re-opening workplaces, permitting their employees to begin a return to work safely and with confidence.

Using the workplace efficiently and safely

Any new workplace strategy, supported by appropriate technology solutions, provides the foundation to establish safe environments short term while building in business resiliency through flexible working policies medium and long term.

With GoBright’s desk booking solution, specific spaces can be closed to booking, facilitating social distance guidelines. Employees can search and book a desk in advance from GoBright’s web portal or mobile app, or contactlessly at the desk itself, using an existing RFID card. With strict hygiene protocols in place to ensure desks are cleaned between uses, which can be monitored on the GoBright portal.

Five benefits of GoBright’s Desk Booking solution:


Create safe working environments by ‘opening’ and ‘closing’ specific desk spaces, adhering with social distancing guidance and safety driven building capacity requirements.

Easy and flexible

Provide an easy and flexible approach for employees to book a desk space from PC, mobile app, or at the desk itself. Employees can only see ‘open’ spaces when booking.

Real time data

Access real time occupancy data, allowing swift planning and adjustment of workplace policies.

Adapt quickly

Adjust available spaces quickly as social distancing advice changes.

Integrate with rooms

Ability to integrate with meeting room booking and visitor management solutions from GoBright.

Kinly Insights

*Source: GoBright


of desks become unusable due to social distancing*


cost recuction by only deep cleaning desks when needed*

GoBright Desk Booking Options

GoBright’s modular approach allows an organisation to choose their back to work desk booking approach:

Option 1

Simple Desk Booking

Cost effective Simple setup.

No hardware to install.

Option 2

Desk Booking with Occupancy Sensors

Quicker deployment - no requirement to drill into desks. True occupancy analytics support for auto release of desks.

Option 3

Full GoBright Desk Booking Experience

Complete desk booking approach – book from desk Mobile app or portal Support for RFID. Clear status light visible on desk. True occupancy analytics support.

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