Expromo® LED displays

Expromo® LED displays

Expromo® produces and installs big screens and other high-quality LED products. With a digital displays for every need – they can deliver all over the world! Expromo® is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of professional LED solutions. They design, develop and produce big screens and other LED products of the highest quality.

Their products are developed and designed with optimal performance of their specific use in mind.

LED Display Series

eXview for meeting rooms

eXview for meeting rooms

An Expromo® eXview screen in your meeting room is an alternative to a flat LCD screen or projector. You can show your presentation in full sunlight. No more meetings in darkened rooms. A large LED display in the meeting room or auditorium allows everyone to see what’s going on. The solution is easy to use for the speaker, who can either run PowerPoint from his or her own laptop or use other presentation solutions.

Expromo® – the green choice
2020 News Solar-powered LED-screen with reusable materials

Expromo® – the green choice

Expromo® has a high focus on sustainability. Being a part of the global green process, Expromo® is WEEE-authorized which secures a manufacturer responsibility for management and recycling of electronic waste. Also, projects with Hurtigruten have focused on energy efficient LED screens for sustainable hybrid expedition ships and soon, solar-powered pylons will be a part of Expromo®’s innovative, green profile.

Customized LED control room display
Product News

Customized LED control room display

When we plan LED solutions for control rooms, we do so in close collaboration with your technicians. We can customize our displays to existing technology and display solutions. And we can help you with new solutions. Once the display is set up, we help keep it running around the clock for many years to come.

Technical advantages


Standard LED screens have pixels mounted on a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) using solder. The solder makes the electrical connection so that the pixels can show video and images on the screen.


HDR means high(er) dynamic range. Basically, it is a matter of screen performance and image quality. Instead of normal SDR with 256 levels of each color - you can achieve up 4096 Levels.


Most screen technologies are limited to 16:9 format. However, in many cases, it is desirable to install a screen with a different format, and often a customized format.


Expromo® LED screens offer unsurpassed image quality. LCD screens and projectors can never offer contrast at the level of LED screen technology.


LED is replacing LCD – and the future is now. Expromo® NLT screens features pixel distance below 1 mm. This paves the way for super high-quality LED screens, in sizes comparable to large TV sets.


LED offers a seamless and uniform image. If a screen beyond 103 inches approximately 2.9 m² is needed, individual LCD screens need to be put together to comprise a video wall.

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