Kinly Touch Control

Touch Control is an integration software used to control a variety of AV solutions and end-user workflows and is deployed on site via a Crestron touch panel and controller.

To ensure a consistent user experience, your organization can have the same user interface in all meeting rooms, regardless of deployment scenario or system configuration. The solution also provides a platform for end-user support, proactive monitoring & case management with Kinly managed services & analytics and reporting via Smart Monitoring. This provides customers the opportunity to have a completely managed technology environment that guarantees a consistent user and service experience

Touch Control Benefits

Consistent User Interface

Supporting a wide range of meeting rooms and collaboration spaces with one common user interface for consistency of experience.

Easy to deploy

Easy to deploy, and straightforward to get up and running. Configuration can be done on the panel or remotely without custom coding

Integrated Support

Pressing the help button on the panel will connect the room via video link directly to Kinly support teams to assist with any issues as they were in the room

Customised Branding

Add a company logo, colour and background to ensure the company brand and identity is present in every meeting room.

Building Automation

Seamlessly and reliably integrate with room lighting, shading and motion sensors to enhance the meeting experience

Technology Lifecycle

Add, remove or replace endpoints, screens, projectors etc. Push configuration changes and software updates to the room.

Winner of Crestron Integration Awards

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