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Virtual Online events are transforming the way companies interact with audiences by taking traditional conferences and hosting them online. During these challenging COVID-19 times, this has become even more relevant. Connect, interact and communicate easily with Kinly Event Services.

Engage effectively with employee's, partners, customers & stakeholders

It's an undeniable fact that the coronavirus pandemic is having a serious impact on both internal communications and planned customer events.

Rather than cancelling your event(s) altogether or trying to deploy technologies not suited to effective communication at scale, with Kinly Event Services companies can host virtual online Town Hall meetings, or multi-day training events, showcase new products and solutions, or simply share company messages in a cost effective and simple way.

How can Kinly Events help?

Move from Physical to Virtual

The COVID-19 virus has made canceling or delaying customer gatherings, seminars, conferences, and trade shows of any size essential. Protect your business and move online with Kinly Events.

Simple to Join & Participate

Attendees only need a standard web browser to participate in the event, making it easy for you to broadcast your event to a wide audience and easy for participants to engage.

Self Service or Concierge

Choose to self-host your event using the Kinly Events Platform or if preferred Kinly have a dedicated team of global concierge operators available to plan, set-up and moderate an event for you.

Effective Leadership

During times of uncertainty employees look to their business leaders for consistent, confident communications. Kinly Events effectively facilitates easy access to this.

Staff and Stakeholder Welfare

Professionals around the world are battling to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 ensure the safety and welfare of staff. Effective virtual communication is a key part of this.

Cost Control

As the impact of the COVID-19 starts to impact on business and the wider economy all costs are scrutinised. Low set up & operation cost make Kinly Events an easy choice.

Kinly Insights


of all internet traffic will be video by 2022.
(Source: Cisco)

10 days

to transform a full conference to a virtual event
(Source: Salesforce)

Solution Highlights

Multidevice Support

Multiple presenters, can host an event from a range of devices – traditional video conferencing endpoint or tablet, Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex or even a web browser.

Record and Manage Content

Kinly Event Services can not only record your events for you, but also help you manage and distribute them afterwards. These recorded sessions can even be used as part of an online education program.

Create Polls using Online Wizard

To help boost audience engagement we support chat functionality and make it easy for you to create polls on the fly with our online wizard.

Branded Events

Brand your online events the way you want them – from logos and look and feel, to incorporating specific messaging. This means you don’t miss an important opportunity to re-inforce your brand and your value.

Stable in all locations

Kinly Cloud dedicated stream nodes in high-density office locations or in areas where international Internet access is expensive ensures you can always provide a high-quality experience for your attendees.

Secure and scalable

Kinly cloud infrastructure is scalable to support the different needs of organisations and deploys robust security and encryption policies and technology to deliver peace of mind.

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