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Kinly CloudRooms

Give your organisation the ability to meet and collaborate effectively regardless of their location or the technology deployed. A Kinly Personal CloudRoom lets your organisation focus on its work instead of continually managing different technologies.

Why Personal CloudRooms?

The need to be remote worker friendly, environmentally responsible, cost conscious combined with the emergence of a younger, highly mobile generation entering the workforce is driving a collaboration technology revolution.

Flexible design, consistent standards and interoperability amongst technical platforms are helping both virtual and physical meeting spaces to evolve as people centric vehicles for effective collaboration.

A Kinly Personal CloudRoom is a virtual meeting room where your teams can collaborate with anyone in high quality no matter where they are or what device they use.

What can a Personal CloudRoom do for you?

Enable People

Each employee gets their own virtual meeting room (VMR). Users can seamlessly host and join meetings, share content and collaborate.


Modern workplaces have multiple collaboration platform e.g. Cisco, Microsoft, Google Hangouts meet, connect seamlessly with Kinly Cloud.

The Meeting Challenge

Overcome common meeting challenges of scheduling starting and managing video meetings. Invite users on any platform to use their existing technology.

Replicate workflows

Customise your system to meet organisational deployment needs. Manage and optimize core workflows, settings, access and branding.

Encrypted & Secure

Kinly Cloud deploys robust security and encryption policies and technology to deliver complete peace of mind.

Scalable & Flexible

Kinly Cloud supports the changing needs and capacity requirement of modern organisations with no fuss.

Kinly Insights

*Source: Cisco


of the average knowledge workers time is spent in meetings

10 minutes*

is the average time it takes to start a video call

Service Highlights

Join From Anywhere

The meeting assistant app lets you join meetings the way you prefer, connect a video room, from a pc or even from the phone itself.

Meeting Management

The meeting management interface ensures full control of your meeting. Manage access & audio, stream live and record.

Anyone Can Join

We support Microsoft collaboration tools Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex, Bluejeans and all major web browsers.

Content Sharing

Share presentations and other on-screen content with other meeting participants on all platforms and devices.

Start On Time

Simple one click meeting planning via an outlook plug in (everyone gets an option to join) with one button to push to join and start ontime stress-free.

One Click Scheduling

Plan your personal meetings through Outlook or Google Calander and include one click joining details to invitees.

Client Stories


Kinly delivers Personal Cloud Rooms for clients around the globe. Virtual meetings reduces traveling and increases efficency for Mantena AS.

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