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Virtual meeting rooms offer something new for businesses and individuals alike. Though we’ve all become familiar with video conferencing software over the past few years, dedicating resource to virtual meeting rooms adds a whole new dimension to the experience. Plus, it eliminates all those tricky connection issues, making way for a seamless meeting experience.

Our Approach

When we talk about virtual meeting rooms here at Kinly, we’re discussing virtual collaboration spaces hosted on a cloud service. Though a virtual meeting room occupies no one physical space, it operates in much the same way – as a central meeting point for participants to come together in a myriad of ways.

Vitally, in a virtual meeting room, those participants can join from anywhere, from any device, using multiple platforms. The setup of the room itself is endlessly adaptable. We can lock it to make it ultra-secure, keep it open to allow anyone to join, adapt layouts to suit different meeting styles, record and even stream if needed. The functionality is all down to your requirements. Let us know what you need, and we’ll make it happen.

Private connections

Keep confidential conversations confidential with the ability to lock rooms and enjoy the added security of a Kinly Cloud connection.

Work from anywhere

Bring your people together from across the globe with a virtual solution that encourages the same collaboration we see when we come face-to-face.

Use any device

Our virtual meeting rooms have high levels of interoperability, so it doesn’t matter what device your participants are using – great when you’re expecting guests and clients to dial in.

Seamless experience

No more fumbling for the right link or dealing with patchy connections. Connecting to the virtual meeting room couldn’t be simpler.

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Get in touch

As a trusted global supplier of video conferencing solutions, Kinly is perfectly placed to help you design and build virtual meeting rooms that have a real impact on both your people and your business. To start realizing the benefits, get in touch with our team and start designing your perfect solution together.

Mennesker bringes sammen av teknologi for økt produktivitet i alle arbeidssituasjoner – fordi det er fra menneskelig samhandling de store resultatene kommer.


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Solide partnerskap med verdens ledende leverandører, sikrer vi et utvalg av gode løsninger til både offentlig og privat næringsliv.


Vi leverer morgendagens arbeidsplass fra ende til ende, med trygge og oversiktlige tjenesteleveranser over hele verden.


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