Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Everyone is welcome at Kinly. Here, we think of ourselves as family. In fact, it’s right there in our name: Kinly, drawn from ‘kin’. We didn’t settle on that by chance or without thought, we chose the word ‘kin’ because it means more than family. It refers to the people we trust most in the world too, and we know that all our people trust each other to treat them with real respect.

Here, we’re committed to creating an inclusive environment where we attract, retain and train the very best people in our industry. We believe that diversity in our locations makes the entire business stronger, and we always welcome fresh viewpoints with open minds. Regardless of sex, gender, age, religion, nationality and more, you can trust you’ll be treated equally at Kinly and rewarded for your achievements above all else.

Our policy is to provide equality and fairness for everyone in our employment, but our aims as an organisation are much bigger. We are constantly developing our approach to DE&I and do so with the help and involvement of our people. In the UK, we’ve established an Employee Culture Committee to help us identify, discuss, and plan ways to promote and to drive the desired culture throughout our business.

We’ve also launched an anti-racism forum to encourage positive communication and open discussion across the entire business. Bringing people from across our business into these groups means we can see our DE&I policies in action and are constantly learning where we can improve. In fact, our recently launched menopause policy came from the type of open discussion we like to encourage here at Kinly. Now, employees can make reasonable adjustments and managers can better understand symptoms as ongoing health issues, rather than individual instances of ill health.

Together, all this puts everyone at Kinly on a more level playing field. As we continue to grow our offering and further improve our DE&I offering, that will always be our goal.