Start your meetings on time with the Kinly Meeting Assistant

Joining a video meeting can be a hassle. Which address did you need to dial to attend the meeting. Then start typing that long, hard-to-remember address on a touch panel or remote control.

Or use the Kinly Meeting Assistant and see for yourself how easy it should be.

Meeting Assistant app benefits

Time is a precious resource

Time is a precious resource and no one wants their time to be wasted. For example, if a critical person is 15 minutes late in an eight-person meeting, that person has cost the organization two hours of lost activity.

Someone struggling to join your meeting? Dial them in from the Meeting Assistant on your phone. Need to mute a participant? Click a button. Need to check the participant list and see who is in the video meeting? The app gives you a full overview. With the Meeting Assistant, technology barriers are history and video meetings are just a click away.

How can Meeting Assistant help you?

Manage meetings remotely

Attend or start video meetings from anywhere. Use the meeting assistant app to start a pre schedule or ad-hoc meeting directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Join meetings how you prefer

Join meetings without having to worry about the technology platform being used- whether you're in a video meeting room, using a laptop or a mobile device.

Join meetings on the move

Participate in video meetings wherever you are. Simply connect to the video room booked from the meeting assistant or connect from your phone if mobile.

Start on time

Is someone struggling to join your meeting? Dial them in from Meeting Assistant on your phone. Join a meeting on the run from your phone in one click.

Kinly Insights

Source: Cisco

37% of an average knowledge workers time is spent in meetings

10 minutes is the average time it takes to start a video call

App Highlights

View Participants

View a real time list of all partipants conneted when using your Kinly Cloud Room.

Enable/Disable participants

Connect/Disconcet participant and manage participants audio when hosting a Cloud Room meeting.

View Shared Content

Dont miss out - View all content being shared in the meeting on your mobile device.

One App Fits All

Technology barriers are history. Select the best possible way to join a video meeting regardless of what type of device type.

Integrates with your calendar

Kinly Meeting Assistant integrates seamlessly with your outlook calendar whether setting up or attending a meeting.

iOS & Android versions

iOS & Android versions of the Kinly Meeting Assistant are available to download from the app store and Google Play.

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