Display & Projector

Monitors and projectors have become an important part of the modern office. From desktop screens to larger LED walls in large auditoriums or common areas. We will help you find suitable options for your work enviroment, based on conditions such as light, placement and screen purpose, as well as techical qualities and reliablity.

We recommend the right technology based on your specific need

As a trusted advisor, we always make sure to do an assessment of needs before we make a Technology recommendation. Our goal is for you to experience quality and products with a long service lifetime value. We work close with display partners across the world, and contiously work to test and quality-assure the products we recommend.

Meeting Rooms & Auditoriums

Meeting Rooms & Auditoriums

Conference rooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms of different sizes - all have different needs for screens or projectors. To create a good user experience you need devices that provide good visibility and readability.

Bright conference rooms or auditoriums require bright projectors, and in more and more cases, LED screens can be a good choice. These are decisions we can help you with. We always make assessments based on each individual meeting room and need, and recommend what creates the best result, with a cost-benefit perspective in mind.

Controll Rooms

Controll Rooms

In a control room, the need for overview and visualization of information from various sources is critical.

Reliable and needs-adapted screen solutions simplify the work of those on duty. We analyze which functions their control room should fulfill, and deliver screens that solve the challenges best. These solutions require high quality and long-life products.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage are becoming more common both internally in companies and in the public space. Here it varies greatly what sizes and types of screens you need. Digital Signage Displays are placed both indoors and outdoors, in small canteens, large atriums and receptions - to name a few. We help you find the right screen for your use.

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In the perfect world, nothing goes wrong. But when it does, you need help from someone who knows what they are doing. Fast.

Our team is there to help you when you need it, where you need it, no matter where you are.

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