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Connecting the modern workplace with video conferencing

Meetings nowadays are much more collaborative and no longer happen in one place. Our video conferencing solutions accommodate every size of workspace. We offer a range of activity-based workspaces where individuals and teams can work effectively in the modern workplace.

We build solutions for meeting rooms, huddle spaces, boardrooms, lecture theaters, auditoriums, classrooms, conference areas, control rooms, operations centers, retail spaces, reception areas, huddle rooms and flexible spaces.

Creating better workplace experiences

Creating better workplace experiences

We integrate videoconferencing technology, audio-visual, telepresence, digital signage, digital whiteboards, video walls, interactive displays, projection displays, presentation systems, sound and control systems.

Building and integrating collaboration technology requires knowledge, experience, and vision.

We can help you create intelligent, dynamic, and smart visual collaboration environments - integrated to automate and control audio, visual, and environmental settings.

Video conferencing is changing the way we meet

Video conferencing is changing the way we meet

Implemented effectively, video conferencing technology can improve the meeting experience people have at work. See how some of our clients use our video meeting solutions to improve the way they communicate, collaborate, interact, and engage.

Defining the right balance of workspaces and offering video conferencing equipment in a variety of formal, structured, informal and social spaces gives people the choice of where to work. Some examples of standard workspaces are booths, huddle rooms, small, medium & large video meeting rooms. Bespoke workspaces are used for specific types of collaboration, such training, lecturing and command & control environments.

By deploying a range of video-enabled meeting spaces employees can also choose where they want to meet when it comes to using video conferencing solutions.

Combining the physical and virtual video conferencing experience

Combining the physical and virtual video conferencing experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed more emphasis on the need for organizations to be able to connect their estate of physical video rooms with software-based virtual meeting rooms. When you combine participants in physical video meeting rooms with remote workers using virtual meeting platforms there can be complexities that will affect the quality of the meeting experience for end-users. With a number of solutions available for video conferencing in the cloud, Kinly’s deep industry knowledge combined with a history of successful deployments means that we'll help you choose the right video conferencing solutions and services for your organization.

Specialistische technologische oplossingen

We hebben onze krachten gebundeld met toonaangevende leveranciers die zich onder specialiseren in videoconferencing, audiovisuele systemen en geavanceerde vormen van samenwerking. Bekijk het overzicht van onze

Interactive Whiteboard – Collaboration Display
Microsoft Teams Rooms

Krachtige samenwerkingsapparatuur voor moderne werkomgevingen.

Wist je dat?

Onze dagelijkse communicatie bestaat voor 70% uit lichaamstaal. Dit is de reden waarom steeds meer bedrijven gebruik maken van videoconferencing. Met video kunnen deelnemers op een non-verbale manier begrip, twijfel, plezier of frustratie communiceren zonder onderbreking en terwijl gegevens in realtime gedeeld en besproken worden.

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