Our history

The company was born on February 6, 2018, during Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam when recently merged companies Viju and VisionsConnected created a new brand identity – Kinly.

We have come a long way since we started and have a proven track record as well as years of experience with videoconferencing, audiovisual and collaboration technology. In fact, Viju started up as Infoteknikk AS in 1998 and was a system integrator and specialist within audio visual technology. VisionsConnected on the other hand began its adventure in 2007, and quickly became a preferred partner for managed video conferencing services in the Benelux region.

Kinly - people you can trust

The name Kinly is based on the word kin, which is today used to describe family or close relatives. Kin has links to the Viking Age, when the Vikings, Saxons and Northern Europeans used it as a term for people you could trust. Cyn, kyn and cunne were used about family and relatives, but also relationships one trusted. Using kin suits the company's ambition to become a global trusted advisor that not only advises but installs custom solutions which help customers succeed with their investments.


June 02, 2020 -Kinly announces the acquisition of AVMI – a leading global AV-integrator and managed services provider, headquartered in UK. Read full press release >

November 12, 2018 – Kinly strengthens in the Benelux with acquisition of MK2 Audiovisual. Read full press release >

February 6, 2018 – Viju and VisionsConnected create a new brand identity – Kinly is born. Read full press release >

14 September, 2017 – Avedon Capital Partners acquires Viju and VisionsConnected to create a leading global provider of video conferencing, audiovisual and collaboration solutions. Read full press release >


2017 Avedon Capital Partners acquires Viju

2015 Launched industry leading VijuCloud service (now called KinlyCloud)

2013 Expanded APAC operations with new office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

2011 Acquired division of Kongsberg Oil & Gas Technologies

2010 Acquired CityIS Group and expanded presence in USA, UK, Netherlands and Singapore

2009 Frontbase acquired

2008 Rebranded as Viju

2007 Infoteknikk acquires Nor Communications

2006 New co-owners appointed, private equity fund Progressus AS

1998 Infoteknikk AS was founded by Geir Samsonsen, Jostein Måsvær Vatne and Atle Aurdal


2017 Avedon Capital Partners acquires VisionsConnected

2015 Acquired Eyenetwork in UK

2015 Expanded to Luxembourg and France

2008 Expanded to Dubai and UK

2008 Provisioning of funding through Green Venture Capital

2007 VisionsConnected is founded by Raymond Alves as a videoconferencing specialist in the Netherlands