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Kinly have a fully verticalized and dedicated public sector team who have extensive experience in delivering audio visual and videoconferencing products and services. We support organisations in achieving procurement of hardware and services from a trusted advisor without compromising on the level of compliance. Throughout our 20+ years involvement in this sector, we know that public funded businesses require solutions which are efficient, cost effective, and above all are highly secure.

Kinly in the Judicial Sector

Kinly in the Judicial Sector

During COVID 19, Kinly were called upon to assist the UK courts in continuing to function during these unprecedented times. For this, Kinly helped to develop and deploy the Cloud Video Platform (CVP), a bespoke and secure virtual video meeting service allowing the courts to continue hearings without the need to physically attend court.

The success of which has culminated in a service which delivers over one million minutes of secure VC per month.

Kinly in the Education Sector

Kinly in the Education Sector

Kinly regularly work on university projects. Our goal has always been to focus on budget without compromising a universities vision and need for innovation. This is no more evident than in the University of Northampton Waterside Campus project, which won an AV Award for 'Education Project of the Year'.

This campus supports the education of over 15,000 students, over five academic buildings incorporating digital transformation into over 116 teaching spaces.

Kinly in the Defence Sector

Kinly in the Defence Sector

As a company with a large service delivery team who receive over 10,000 video and voice calls to our operational support services each year, Kinly understand the need for mission critical command-and-control centres.

This is why large defence organisations trust that Kinly will deliver a solution which is optimised to increase operational efficiency, decision making, and situational awareness allowing for better resource coordination whilst remaining compliant with all necessary regulations.

UK Frameworks

Kinly UK is currently registered on a number of UK Government & Public Sector Frameworks including:


Kinly's Public Sector & Partner Director in the UK

Jason has been with the business for over 20 years’ and brings extensive knowledge in Public Sector and in building partner relationships with our Systems Integration and IT Service Partners, therefore positioning him as the perfect person to head up our Public Sector engagements.

"We have assembled an excellent team with a significant amount of experience supporting our Public Sector, Education and Integration Partners. We will continue to deliver AV excellence and digital transformation services to our valued customers plus new local and global opportunities" (Jason Turner)

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